Hi! My name is Simen Øian Gjermundsen.
I am a developer & designer from Norway.

My work

I might have written something you find interesting.
You'll have to read it to find out if it does interest you or not.

Labs & Thoughts

    • Skjermbilde 2012-03-05 kl. 15.02.23

      Young Lions

      After 48 hours of work with the brief for this years Cannes Young Lions, and a few weeks of waiting, …

    • wif_2012

      WIF in Limoges

      Kreativt Forum posted a story about WIF, and our qualification to the finals in Limoges in May. Read the story …

    • Skjermbilde 2012-04-12 kl. 09.37.17

      Me. Know yourself.

      Tomato Tomato, a team consisting of Henning Gjerde, Mathias Mikkelsen and myself qualified for the international finals of WIF 2012! …

    • Skjermbilde 2012-03-01 kl. 12.44.33

      TV-appearance on NRK 1 (NO)

      The norwegian TV-channel NRK1 asked me to join their show “Førkveld” to talk about some of my iPhone apps. I …